Building Bridges

I vividly remember the Greystone Village Grand Opening, way back in September of 2015.  It was an eagerly anticipated event — a “plum” parcel of historic…

Pedestrian Bridge Groundbreaking This Friday

This is an exciting week for Greystone Village. Yesterday we celebrated a significant milestone with the start of construction on our River Terraces condo tower….

Phase 2 and Walking Path Update

We’re happy to report that construction is moving along well for Phase 2 of Greystone Village. Phase 2 roads will receive their first asphalt next…

Welcome to Old Ottawa East

Whether you have been here for years or are new to our community, hello and welcome!   This remarkable community has much to offer. The…

Greystone Village Homeowners Guide To: Living Next to Nature

 IS ON YOUR DOORSTEP The Riverfront Awareness Handbook is designed to provide residents of Greystone Village the tools necessary to understand and protect the…

Your Joint Use Agreement: What You Need To Know

As a resident of Greystone Village, you should understand your Joint Use Agreement. This Agreement addresses who takes care of what in the community’s common…

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