Greystone Village Homeowners Guide To: Frequently Asked Questions

Moving into the community of Greystone Village? If so please take a couple minutes to read through our “Homeowner’s F.A.Q” or download the book.

Greystone HomeownersFAQ Book



Who’s responsible for the vegetation in front and around my home?

The landscaping around your home is designed as a low maintenance feature with consideration for the environment using native species. For your convenience, for the first 2 years starting in the fall of 2017 the developer has hired a contractor to maintain the trees, shrubs,

and perennials, along with the mowing maintenance for the grassed

areas to help the vegetation get established.  Note, this does not include  backyards  of the houses on Clegg Street.

After  2 years, starting in the fall of 2019, each Owner is responsible to maintain their own property front and back, including the boulevard it fronts  onto. Corner properties are responsible for the side boulevards as well.

If there is a tree planted  in front of your property, we encourage you to water regularly to promote the health and longevity of your community’s street trees. We’ve taken extra measures to support strong and healthy urban trees in this community.



Who is responsible to plow the snow around my home?

The City is responsible for plowing the snow on all public  roads. This includes  the road in front  of your home,unless it ends with a suffix ‘Private’. Visit the City’s website for their snow removal maintenance policy:

Snow clearing of private roads and rear lanes are managed and paid for through your Joint  Use Agreements. Until 2018, the developer will

assist by entering  into and managing the snow clearing contract on your behalf,to allow new residents time to move in and establish a board, who will then manage  the contract.

Owners are responsible for clearing their own walkways and driveways.



Who picks up my recycling and garbage and where do I put it on pick-up day?

The City of Ottawa is responsible for picking up your garbage.

Call311 or go to the City’s website at for a pick-up schedule. Garbage and recycling are to be placed in front of your homes as

described further  below:

  • For Clegg Street homes, this is at the end of your driveway
  • For homes fronting Philosopher Private, a pad is located at the corner of Philosopher  Private and Telmon Street
  • For all other homes (towns and singles), a pad at the end of your walkway

For your convenience, all homes are fitted with storage hooks and recycling bins, along with a cart for transporting these bins.



Where do I pick up my mail?

All new communities are now serviced by community mail boxes. Canada Post no longer delivers mail to your door. To check which box is assigned to you, please contact Canada Post directly at

1-866-607-6301. Canada Post’s mailbox  will be temporarily located at the end of Philosopher  Private until construction in your community is completed. When the time comes, the mailbox  will be relocated to its final location on De Mezanod Avenue, near the corner of Telmon Street



Can I park my vehicle in the rear lane? Where  do my guests park?

Residents can park their vehicle in their garages and, if there is enough  room, in their driveway. Do not park vehicles in the rear lane. The lanes must stay clear of any obstructions.

The streets in front  of your home were designed with street parking

where your guests can park. Please refer to the City of Ottawa’s  street parking by-law  for rules and restrictions.

This community is designed to meet LEED neighbourhood standards,

placing the focus on people  before cars. Vehicle parking is limited.  There are many transportation options available to residents of this community including connections to the City’s Multi-Use Pathway network, the Lees LRT Station a

short walk away, and access to vrtucar, a car share program, strategically placed within your community.



How do I get to my house while the community is under construction?

You’re one of the first residents to move into the new Greystone Village community.

This means you will experience some construction during  the first few years until Greystone Village is completed. During  the first year (from 2017 to 2018),

we will direct  resident  traffic  to exit and enter from Clegg Street on a temporary basis.

Construction vehicles will be directed to use Hazel Street and des Oblats Avenue, and avoid using Clegg Street.

Please respect posted signage and safety fencing around construction zones.

Limiting access during  construction is for your safety


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